Eide Centrifugal Brake DBQ

Brand: Eide
Code: Eide DBQ

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eide DBQ centrifugal brakes. Available in all standard sizes, suitable for many types of safety applications.

Eide DBQ centrifugal brake is fitted between a motor and gearbox with standard IEC B5 flanges, for speeds of 1500rpm or 1800rpm. DBQ safety brakes provide easy and fast release operations, suitable for the highest protection on lifting applications.

DBQ Features:

  • Standard flanges and shafts.
  • Easy and fast release.
  • High protection.
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Eide DBQ Centrifugal Safety Brake

DBQ centrifugal safety brakes limit the descent speed in the event of motor failure. They work through the action of centrifugal force, without any additional external supply, making them suitable for safety applications.

The main feature of the DBQ centrifugal brakes is that operations are made quickly and simply. This makes it possible to test the safety brake that acts at the greatest speed and is fitted on the same machine.

Product Specific Information

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Product Brake
Brand Eide
Industry Applications Construction hoist, Renewable energy, Cleaning buildings, Machine tool, Construction industry
Actuation Method Mechanical
Brake Type Centrifugal
Max. RPM 2200