Coremo Spring Applied Hydraulic Brake - ID 1500N

Brand: Coremo
Code: ID 5000N

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Coremo direct hydraulic brakes. Available in both oil-immersed and spring-applied operation methods.

Coremo ID 1500Nis a spring-applied hydraulic failsafe brake. Designed to generate a braking force via the action of cup springs compressed inside the thruster body. Coremo ID failsafe brakes are used for emergency stopping or holding and parking operations.

  • Braking Force: 50,000 N
  • Max. Pressure: 200 bar
  • Release Pressure: 120条
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Coremo Hydraulic Spring Applied Brake - ID 1500 N

Coremo hydraulic spring-applied brakes provide fast response times and reliable operations.Coremo ID 1500 Nacts as a failsafe brake used for emergency parking and holding. Ideal for highly dynamic stops at a very competitive price level. Industries include seaports and marine applications, lifting systems, conveyors, mining and oil.

Coremo ID spring-applied brakes withstand the stresses produced during dynamic braking. ID 1500 N generates a braking force up to 50,000 N, the steel bodies are calculated to support pressures of over 100 bar.

ID spring-applied brakes are complete with wear indicator and inductive ON/OFF positioning sensor to indicate opening and closure. The lining pads have been designed to meet the relevant European standards on safety and toxic substances.

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Product Brake
Brand Coremo
Industry Applications Seaport, Marine, Lifting Systems, Conveyors, Mining, Oil & Gas
Actuation Method 液压
Actuation Type Active
Brake Type Spring Applied
Compares With Dellner, Twiflex
Braking Force 50,000 N
Friction Material Organic
Max. Wear Of Pad (Organic) 18 mm
Max. Working Pressure 200 bar
Min. Release Pressure 120 bar