Brembo Caliper Disc Brake - Side Mounted

Brand: Brembo
Code: 20.2802.31

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies Brembo P75b caliper disc brakes, complete with a range of replacement brake pads and spare parts.

Brembo P75b hydraulic caliper brake is available in two different configurations for pressure port, dependent on your application.

  • Configuration: side mounted
  • OEM Number: 20.3100.31
  • Braking Force: 53,016 N
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Brembo Caliper Disc Brake - Side Mounted

The Brembo P75b Caliper Brake is a reliable and cost-effective solution to support your braking system. Manufactured with safety as the primary concern, P75b Caliper Brake safely stops wind turbine rotors in testing conditions. Ultimately increasing the general availability of your wind turbine application.

Manufactured to provide a long-lasting braking system, Brembo P75b acts as a clamping unit to safely hold and stop rotating discs in your application. Designed to perform in the most adverse conditions, the Brembo brake is resistant to weather corrosion.

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Brembo 20.2802.31
Product Brake
Brand Brembo
Industry Applications Wind Turbine, Off Highway,
Actuation Method 液压
Actuation Type Active
Brake Type Caliper